…on writing about art…

Criticism is sometimes mourned as dead. Reviews often seem to be mere blurb now. But it is not desirable either, to do a hatchet job on an artist’s efforts. There is a space in between where meaningful writing can reside but perhaps to do this properly requires moving away from the pretence of objectivity…

‘The critic is not one who debunks, but one who assembles. The critic is not one who the lifts the rug from underneath the feet of naive believers, but one who offers the participants arenas in which to gather. The critic is not one who alternates haphazardly between antifetishism and positivism like the drunk iconoclast drawn by Goya, but the one for whom, if something is constructed, then it means it is fragile and thus in need of great care and caution.’

Bruno Latour as quoted in the Hal Foster essay Real Fictions, in What Comes After Farce

4 thoughts on “…on writing about art…

    1. Here it means writing about visual art…though its interesting to experiment with blending the two…eg off the top of my head, arranging words like brush strokes…

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