on chickens and eggs

‘[Dorner] purchased works from artists who today are among the most important representatives of the classic modern period‘ (Kathusen, 2015).

But who is to say works don’t become the most important representatives of a period because they were collected…?


Katehusen, I., (2015), A crate in the Basement: On the Works of Kazimir Malevich loaned to the Hanover Museum by in Tythacott and Arvanitis Museums and Restitution: New Practices and Approaches pp 151-162

3 thoughts on “on chickens and eggs

  1. There is a lot of work that are taken for granted as masterworks -The Mona Lisa, Guernica etc. etc. This quote was framed to suggest the curator was in some way skilled enough to recognise future masterpieces when in fact his actions created them. And this is repeated over and over. The whole YBA movement was created by one man. It makes you think about what is good and what is bad and who decides. And what we miss and why. Well me anyway. Ta for reading!


  2. I think being a gallery or museum curator must give you quite a power to decide which artists are ‘worthy’ of showing, there’d be plenty of scope for nepotism and the like. But I would hope there are those who are generally trying to help artists get shown, must be hard to be objective when it comes to art!

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